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Pink October at NokNok

Pink October at NokNok

. 1 min read

This October, as we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink is everywhere. It is not only about raising money for breast cancer research, but also about spreading awareness and emphasizing that the second most common cause of death among women is, Breast Cancer.

Pink October was different this Year at NokNok. Awareness sessions were held by professionals in the field, such as Dr. Firas Kreidieh from the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation; so that NokNok's women would have a better understanding on what breast cancer is, how to self-examine themselves, and how to keep themselves safe throughout the year.

Adding to that, donations were collected in a very special way, through the "Pink Nokers" Tree.

"Pink Nokers" Tree is the blooming donations tree. The idea is that with every donation, a pink leaf would go up the tree, and throughout the month, the donations came through and the tree bloomed! The donations made were contributed to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation to express gratitude to all Breast Cancer fighters.

Moreover, NokNok was spreading pink facts throughout the whole month to its users. Every time a user purchased from the app foods that prevent breast cancer, a message would be sent out to them with details of those benefits.

Awareness is fundamental in order to cure a disease. People always ignore what they don’t understand; but there are some things that cannot be ignored… such as an early detection and a yearly mammogram!

Last but not least, our heart goes out to all breast cancer fighters, survivors and angels.