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NokNok is the fastest grocery delivery app and here’s why

NokNok is the fastest grocery delivery app and here’s why

. 1 min read

NokNok is designed to offer a streamlined user experience; from the moment the customers open the app, to the moment the order is delivered.

On the app, stocks and prices are updated in real time, giving customers the ability to make their choices effortlessly, without worrying about product availability or price change. In parallel, customers are continuously notified on the progress of their order, and can follow the rider’s route through the live tracking feature

NokNok stands out with its own automated warehouses, strategically located across the country (Beirut, Tripoli, Kfardebian, Metn, and soon in other areas). Combined with the strength of its own dedicated riders’ fleet, NokNok can guarantee the fastest delivery in Lebanon.

The warehouses are equipped with a smart setup that focuses on time management and scanners, which ensure swift processing and accuracy.

At this point, with a smooth system and a passionate team, it’s just a matter of minutes before the customers get a knock knock!