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Live inventory – Why it revolutionized the E & Q-commerce industry.

Live inventory – Why it revolutionized the E & Q-commerce industry.

. 1 min read

Don’t you wish to receive your groceries as ordered no matter what? With NokNok, it’s the case!

If you don’t know what live inventory is, this one’s for you! Before we hop into the core of the subject, did you know that NokNok is the only Lebanese grocery app that holds this feature? This allows you to have one of the best contactless experiences of online grocery shopping, without the worry of not receiving what you’ve ordered.

Live inventory is a feature that grants you instant updates on the stocks and the quantities offered. This being said, all the items available to purchase are accessible, and you’ll never experience ordering an unavailable item! You’ll get everything in the exact size, color, flavor, and price that you see on the app, delivered in 15 mins or less with NokNok! This doesn’t mean that items won’t run out of stock, but if they ever did, they would appear clearly on the app, along with their correct and up-to-date prices.

What you order is what you get. It’s that simple.