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How to wrap a Christmas Gift?

How to wrap a Christmas Gift?

. 1 min read

One of the joys of the Christmas season is giving and receiving gifts.

For children, this is a very exciting time. Waking up early on Christmas morning to find stockings packed with Christmas sweets and a pile of colorfully wrapped gifts under the tree brings back memories to most of us.

To express our love and gratitude during festive times, we tend to send out gifts to our loved ones. Some people buy gifts, others craft them.

For those who like wrapping their own gifts, this is for you!

We’ve made it easy for you to send out a handmade gift and to properly wrap it! Follow the following steps:

1- Measure the amount of wrapping paper you will need by rolling your box or gift over so that you know you’ve got each side covered. Cut a tad bit more than needed.

2- Fold each side over and tape the top and bottom. Fold over the edge of one side to create a cleaner look.

3- Fold the ends in, one by one. This will create two triangles. Fold the bottom triangle up, and the top one down. Secure with tape.

4- Do the same thing to the other side. You’ve got yourself a wrapped gift.

5- The Last step is to add a bow. Grab each side and tie them together like you tie a shoelace. Straighten it out and you’re done.

Christmas is a holiday that brings your families and friends together, so make the most out of this gathering and the time you spend with your loved ones. Give out gifts and show the people around you that they're appreciated. This is what Christmas is all about.