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How to grow a mustache for Movember!

How to grow a mustache for Movember!

. 2 min read

For nearly 20 years, men around the world have used this month to grow a mustache and raise awareness about men's health issues including prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health. Here's how to grow your mustache and become a part of the conversation this Movember!

Just let it grow!

Not every man grows facial hair the same way. Be patient!

Use a mustache comb.

Get a good mustache comb and train your hair to grow to the side and look more natural.

Keep it tidy.

To keep your mustache neat, use a pair of scissors or a single-edge razor to tidy up the bottom line of your upper lip.

Don't touch it!

Besides the fact that we all shouldn't be touching our faces these days, constant mustache touching can spread bacteria and create in-grown hairs.

Give it some love.

Maintain your mustache throughout the month with some mustache wax or facial hair oil.

Now that you've got the tips, grow your Movember mustache and show us the results @noknokgroceries!