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How to assort Christmas table dinner?

How to assort Christmas table dinner?

. 2 min read

Christmas is a cultural celebration, where family and friends gather around the table and share a heartwarming meal every year. We are here to help you make your feast as special and memorable as possible! We will show you how to make it colorful and festive by choosing the right colors and decorative elements. These are some simple steps to follow to make a distinctive Christmas dinner.

1-     Go for a red or green tablecloth for a traditional look. Be tentative with the shades; go for the forest green and burgundy instead of very commonly used bright red and green. Lime green is also an option. For a more sophisticated and elegant look, consider gold silver, or white. Alternatively, if you have a table made of fine, attractive-looking wood, use decorative placemats and a table runner.

2-     Place ceramic or glass dishes at each seat for your guests. If you have crockery that you rarely use, it’s time to take it out and dust it off. Also, place a wine glass and a cloth napkin at each setting. Although you may wish to use paper napkins and tissues, the look and feel of crisp, white cotton napkins are unmatchable. For a festive touch, fold the napkins, insert them in napkin rings, and put them in the center of the dishes. You can also wrap spoons and forks inside the napkins and hold them together with the ring.

3-     Make it a point to place a low-profile centerpiece in the middle of the table: it helps enhance the complete look. For a refreshing change to those conventional candle stands, try considering these alternatives. Buy red roses and arrange them in a low pitcher or bowl using the florist foam to cover the foam with moss. Another simple idea is to fill a clear glass bowl with bright Christmas decorations in the same color and use it as a centerpiece.

4-     You can scatter small votives and decorative items around the table but make sure you don’t overdo anything. It shouldn’t disturb the guests. Moreover, there has to be enough place left for placing pots, containers, and other vessels on the table. For a finishing touch, make mini half-fold place cards for all your guests, at each dish.